zkTube and KuCoin Have Attained In-depth Cooperation to Improve Layer 2

zkTube-headquartered in Australia is the best Layer 2 environment for payment networks. The company is making rapid progress, adding new features, and expanding its network to other countries. Recently, the zkTube network’s token ZKT got listed on the KuCoin trading platform. After this listing, KuCoin announced its participation in deploying zkTube network nodes, making it more economical. This partnership will result in the exponential growth of the zkTube node network in the future. 

In the past few years, Ethereum adoption increased at a rapid pace and now it is facing certain limitations such as poor user experience, high gas fee and delayed transactions. However, Ethereum Layer 2 has the potential to solve these problems through its several implementations. zkTube is one of those implementations that ensures a high throughput of 3,000+ TPS with only a 0.1% transaction fee on Layer 1. 

zkTube got listed on KuCoin! World Premiere!

After several milestones, zkTube is now working on listing ZKT on exchanges. ZKT is listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. 

Recently, zkTube also got listed on the KuCoin trading platform. KuCoin opened the ZKT/USDT trading pair (supported trading pair) as a world premiere. The open price is set to $6. When ZKT went live on KuCoin, trading was in full swing and ZKT was up to 1550% in the first hour.

This listing will significantly increase the liquidity, providing exposure to a large trading community to zkTube’s users. It will also attract miners to adopt zkTube. They will be able to take advantage of the high-performance ecosystem of zkTube. Connection with a globally known platform (KuCoin) shows the credibility of the zkTube token (ZKT). The user’s response has been highly positive toward this achievement. Many companies are also appreciating this achievement of zkTube in such a short period. Chainfir Capital- a blockchain-based venture capital company focused on investing in quality projects and an early supporter of zkTube, tweeted congratulating zkTube for this listing and is showing its belief in zkTube to play a crucial role to provide a scaling solution on Layer 2. 

Altcoin season is around, and people are looking for the best altcoins to buy. Crypto King created a poll to choose between ZKT, DOGE, and SHIB as the best altcoin to buy. 86.5% of people voted in favor of ZKT, which shows how people are perceiving the ZKT and how its value will increase in the future. 

The ZKT token is now available on the stock exchange, and it is the right time to buy it because the ZKT token is unarguably going to have a bright future.

About KuCoin

KuCoin is a well-known crypto exchange based in Singapore. It is one of the most prominent one-stop crypto exchanges for all sorts of crypto operations such as staking, margin trading, crypto loans, etc. It was launched in 2017, and in just four years, its user count has reached over 8 million globally. It supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies within its 400 markets. It offers bank-level security with some of the lowest fees in the market. The trading fee on KuCoin is only 0.1% and can be reduced to even 0.08% if one pays fees in KCS coins. There is no monthly account fee, and it is also free to deposit cryptos. KuCoin’s trading robots help users to buy and sell cryptos automatically. It has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users, with a straightforward interface. KuCoin is considered one of the best places to buy cryptos directly with fiat currency. It only requires partial KYC verification. Users can earn KuCoin bonuses, KCS coins daily. There is an insurance policy to back users in case of any mishap. KuCoin is also available for U.S. residents. One-fourth of people believe in the services of KuCoin. 

zkTube and KuCoin partnership has reached the next level

KuCoin has recently announced that it has reached an in-depth partnership with the Layer 2 scaling solution zkTube. This partnership will enable zkTube users to deploy nodes. They will also be able to experience the functional advantages of zkTube in its full potential. Users can enjoy reduced transaction costs and increased transaction speed on the network. 

KuCoin also announced a giveaway of 2,000 $USDT to celebrate the world premiere listing of the ZKT token on KuCoin. The lucky 100 people will win 20 USDT each. Similarly, zkTube announced a campaign to give away a reward pool of $50,000 in ZKT to qualified KuCoin users.

In the recent 60-second Crypto Gem series by KuCoin, KuCoin discussed zkTube as the best Layer 2 ecosystem for supporting Cross-Rollup, and its native token ZKT, increasing its outreach to people. 

ZKT being live on KuCoin is gaining huge attention. It has broken the Altcoins dominance trend with a trading volume of $48M in 24 hours, steadily raising from 6U to 64U. KuCoin considers zkTube a strong contender, therefore, supporting it on a large scale. 

KuCoin plans to launch services for zkTube

KuCoin, after the ZKT world premiere, is focusing on strengthening its relationship with zkTube. KuCoin is planning to launch other derivative products and services for zkTube. KuCoin is also expanding, adding more features for the crypto community. This cooperation of KuCoin with zkTube is going to be very beneficial for zkTube.

It will make the node deployment of zkTube more economical. More gateways will open, providing more opportunities to users. Further progress will attract more protocol nodes to interact with zkTube and emerge simultaneously. It will also expand the zkTube node network in the future, adding prosperity.  

zkTube received a great response from the Russian market

zkTube is working on expanding its network from Australia to other countries as well. zkTube was one of the sponsors of Blockchain Life 2021 in Moscow. It is one of the biggest and most important forums in the blockchain and crypto world. zkTube had its booth, making its debut in the Russian market. 

Blockchain Life 2021 event was a great success. As a sponsor, zkTube attained huge attention. Nikita Kuptsov, the European Ambassador of Layer 2 solution, delivered a speech, sharing the achievements of zkTube in Layer 2. The appearance of zkTube at this event paved the way for like-minded individuals, partners, and industry leaders to connect with the zkTube Labs. 

Before the Blockchain Life event, Nikita also represented zkTube as a substantial project in a local blockchain meetup in Kazan, Russia, making people aware of the project. Community response to this meetup was also very appreciating. 

zkTube official website update has been completed

zktube.io is the official website of zkTube. zkTube was working on updating its official website. The update has been completed. The update includes a complete revision of the PC terminal and adaption of the mobile terminal. Several new functions and pages are added. The UI of the website is adjusted. 

This update has made it easier for the users to learn about zkTube more intuitively through the new website. Users can also directly connect to the Layer 2 wallet, i-e PayTube Wallet, on the homepage. 

This website has added ease for users to experience PayTube Wallet functions through a straightforward website interface.  

zkTube is consistent towards improvement in the Layer 2 ecosystem

zkTube is the first Layer 2 scaling project powered by ZK-Rollup technology. It can significantly enhance the scalability of Ethereum. It utilizes zero-knowledge proof to transfer the batch transmission to a single transaction. It also avoids over the network by transferring some of the workloads to off-chain. It has sped up the transaction 200 times faster than on Layer 1, and the transaction fee is also negligible. This Australian project is very popular among developers and users because of its security assurance. zkTube is the first project to adopt PLONK technology into mining to provide a green mining mechanism to save power resources. 

zkTube is also very optimistic about the importance and the future of the GameFi, NFTs and Metaverse industries. It supports GameFi developers not only technologically but also financially via funds. zkTube believes that GameFi will be the central scenario for NFTs, DeFi and more extensive cryptography. Developers prefer zkTube considering it as one of the best infrastructures for developing Metaverse projects. 

The team of zkTube is working continuously, adding more and more progress. It has optimized the PayTube Wallet interface speed for enhancing the user experience. User’s access to Dapp is increased by adding more Dapps. The team is also concentrating on adding WalletConnect to zkTube. The mining rewards are modified to benefit the miners. The expansion and deployment of the mining machine service node are completed; now, users can successively transfer assets to the new contract. zkTube is also creating a static page for the PayTube winner’s list. It also deploys a beta environment and cooperates with testing to solve the problems so that users can always have an excellent experience on the network. 

zkTube is highly interactive with its community through various means. In October, zkTube held 6 AMA sessions on different Telegram groups. The team also keeps on updating its users weekly and monthly with all the progress in the zkTube company. It also launched a Global navigation plan to recruit community co-builders worldwide to build a robust ecosystem. These members can earn several rewards and benefits. 

zkTube is moving towards its primary goal of 2021 to open new grounds for other projects to join the network by supporting solidity for smart contracts, Layer 2 DEX, etc. 

There is no better time than now to buy ZKT because zkTube is going to the moon with KuCoin.